EXG and Biometric Solutions

Third-Party Software

  • TeleScan

    생체 신호 데이터를 획득하고 분석하는 신호처리 소프트웨어
    다른 회사 장비 데이터를 Loading 하고, 분석 가능함
    Option SW: Batch Pro-Addon, Brain Map-Addon, ERS-Addon, TextOpen-Addon

  • NeuroLAB (Human Behavior Analysis Platform)

    CAPTIV NeuroLab is the new platform, created by TEA | Technologie Ergonomie Applications, allowing human behavior observation and analysis. CAPTIV NeuroLab enable the creation of recording scenarios with several factors (eye, emotions, ...) for customizable analysis : subject number, variety of sensors, study supports.

  • Mensia / OpenVIBE

    Mensia Technologies is building innovative solutions for neurophysiological research and neurofeedback applications, including brain-computer interface (BCI) software packages, neurofeedback applications, offline data analysis and artifact removal, and add-ons for advanced signal processing, visualization, and source localization.

    Mensia / OpenVIBE

    EEGLAB is a MATLAB-based toolbox for offline EEG analysis. Wearable Sensing has developed a DSI-Streamer to EEGLAB extension (formerly termed "plug-in") that allows users to load Wearable Sensing's DSI-Streamer files into EEGLAB seamlessly


    Wearable Sensing has developed a DSI-Streamer to MATLAB extension that allows users to load Wearable Sensing's DSI-Streamer files into MATLAB seamlessly.

  • NeuroGuide

    Neuroguide is Applied Neurosciences Inc's EEG analysis software. Its features and capabilities include: Real-time Dynamic Normative EEG Comparison, Automatic Artifact Rejection, EEG Coherence, Phase Delays, Amplitude Asymmetry & Power, joint-time-frequency-analyses (JTFA), FFT Normative Power Ratios and Peak Frequency and Color Maps from 1 to 50 Hz, Dynamic Time-Frequency Z Scores, Time Domain LORETA Z Scores, and much much more

  • BCI2000

    BCI2000 is a general-purpose system for brain-computer interface (BCI) research. It can also be used for data acquisition, stimulus presentation, and brain monitoring applications. DSI-2000 is a toolkit that demonstrates BCI2000's abilities to perform real-time BCI classification on streaming data from a DSI EEG Headset.


    BCILAB is a MATLAB-based toolbox for both online and offline BCI classification of EEG data. For Online BCI classification of EEG, Wearable Sensing has developed a DSI-Streamer to BCILAB plug-in that allows BCILAB to process a real-time stream of data from DSI-Streamer through its TCP/IP socket