EXG and Biometric Solutions

Data Acquisition & QStates

  • Data Acquisition SW [DSI-Streamer]

    DSI-Streamer is an intuitive data acquisition program that allows for control of DSI equipment, as well as collection and display of acquired signals. It features:

    • Low- and high-pass filtering
    • Export as CSV or EDF formats
    • Data replay
    • Customizable montages
    • ERP display
    • TCP/IP data streaming socket
    • Windows XP, 7, 8 or 10 compatible
    • Unlimited licenses
  • Application SW [QStates]

    Cognitive State Classification Using Machine Learning
    QStates is a rapid and efficient machine learning software tool developed by QUASAR that uses quantitative EEG(qEEG) and heart rate variability (HRV)data to assess cognitive and physiological states. Cognitive state assessment can be done in real-time and off-line with graphical displays of results

The Flexiblity Create Your Own Cognitive Models

  • QStates offers its users the flexibility to create their own models, which can be trained to classify any cognitive state for which there is a qEEG signature (e.g. cognitive workload, fatigue, engagement, or emotional states). Wearable Sensing and QUASAR scientists have validated the performance of greater than 90% accuracy for the states mental workload, engagement, and fatigue.

    This flexibility makes QStates a powerful tool for many different types of research, especially neuroergonomics and consumer neuroscience, but also all other cognitive neuroscience applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Training models are straightforward and fast: to create a cognitive state model, a user needs to collect a minimum of one minute of EEG data for each of the high and low state conditions (e.g. high workload vs. low workload).

    QStates can classify up to 3 models simultaneously. The software automatically monitors data quality and rejects bad epochs. The program offers two different machine learning algorithm outputs: linear interpolation or probability density function. State outputs are given as values from 0-100 every 2 seconds. QStates offers automated summary tables generation. Data are saved in comma-separated value (.csv) format. QStates interfaces seamlessly with DSI-Streamer and the various DSI EEG systems.

fNIR emitters and detectors 4 pairs per sensor
Emitter Frequencies 760, 808, 850 nm
fNIR Sampling Rate 15 Hz
fNIR Bandwidth 40 nm

Sensor Locations 8 sensors at 10-20 locations: Fp1, Fp2, C3, C4, T7/T3, T8/T4, , O1, O2, A1, A2
Common-Mode-Follower Pz is default reference (can be changed to LE in software)
Ground Fpz
Amplifier/Digitizer 16 bits, 8 channels
Analog/Digital Resolution 0.317 uV referred to input
Analog/Digital Converter 16 bits
Sample 300 Hz
Bandwidth 0.003-150 Hz
Gain 60
Common Mode Rejection Ratio >120 dB
Channel Cross-Talk < -70 dB with sensors
Input Impedance (1Hz) 47 Gohm
Input Bias Current <25 pA
DC Offset Tolerance +/-200 mV
Maximum Input Range 10mV pk-pk
Noise (1-50Hz) <1 uV peak-peak
Digital Inputs 8-bit input
Run-time 4h
Wireless Bluetooth
Wireless Range 10 m
Headset weight ~513 g
Headsize Fit 52-62 cm circumference
Notice * Specifications subject to change, please contact us to obtain latest specifications