• 한국 DSI 고객이 쓴 논문(해외, 국내)

    2015 [Brain Comuter Interfaces] Investigation of engagement of viewers in movie trailers using electroencephalography [UNIST]

    2018 [Tencon] Neural correltates of anxiety induced by environmental events during driving [UNIST]

    2019 [Journal of Neuroscience Methods] Multiple command single frequency SSVEP based BCI system using flickering action video [Keimyung University]

  • Select Quasar Publications

    Put Your Thinking Cap On: Detecting Cognitive Load using EEG during Learning

    Evaluation of Dry Sensors for Neonatal EEG recordings

    EEG and eye-tracking based measures for enhanced training.

    Noncontact ECG system for unobtrusive long-term monitoring.

    QUASAR’s QStates Cognitive Gauge Performance in the Cognitive State Assessment Competition 2011

    A Novel Dry Electrode for Brain-Computer Interface

    Physiological Sensor Suite Using Zero Preparation Hybrid Electrodes for Real Time Workload Classification

    Real Time Workload Classification from an Ambulatory Wireless EEG System Using Hybrid EEG Electrodes

    A wearable physiological sensor suite for unobtrusive monitoring of physiological and cognitive state

    Experimental Design and Testing of a Multimodal Cognitive Overload Classifier

    Novel Hybrid Bioelectrodes for Ambulatory Zero-Prep EEG Measurements Using Multi-Channel Wireless EEG System

    Novel hybrid sensors for unobtrusive recording of human biopotentials

    Robust Feature Extraction and Classification of EEG Spectra for Real-time Classification of Congnitive State

    Psychophysiological Sensor Techniques – An Overview

    The invisible electrode – zero prep time, ultra low capacitive sensing

    Ultra-Wide Tuning Range Silicon MEMS Capacitors on Glass with Tera-Ohm Isolation and Low Parasitics

    Multimodal neuroelectric interface deveopment

  • Select Third Party Publications

    Exploring neuroplasticity in acute mild traumatic brain injury.

    Comparison of a Novel Dry Electrode Headset to Standard Routine EEG in Veterans.

    Usability of four commercially-oriented EEG systems.

    Quality assessment of electroencephalography obtained from a “dry electrode” system

    Adrift in a sea of data: Assessing the effects of timing variability and drift on EEG analyses.

    Evaluation of a Dry Electrode System for Electroencephalography: Applications for Psychophysiological Cognitive Workload Assessment

    EEG study of Learning Effects across Addition Problems

    Validation of a Dry Electrode System for EEG